Margaret McKinnon (b. 26 Oct 1832 in New Carlisle, Quebec), and Samuel Chatterton (b. 6 Feb 1832 also in New Carlisle). Margaret's parents were Neil McKinnon and Catherine Flowers. Samuel's parents were Asa Beebe Chatterton and Mary Huntington. They were married on 10 Nov 1857 at St. Andrew's in New Carlisle. All of their children were born in New Carlisle.

Margaret was a granddaughter of Neil McKinnon and Margaret Sheddon, as well as of Robert Flowers, Jr. and Sarah Chatterton (Asa's sister); and a great-granddaughter of Robert Flowers and Alice Pennington. Samuel was a grandson of Samuel Chatterton and Charlotte Beebe; and William Huntington and  Margaret Travers.

Margaret and Samuel moved, with all eight of their children, to Stillwater, Minnesota, ca 1884, and both died within a few hours of each other, at their home in Stillwater, on 18 Oct 1916.

This picture may have been taken on the occasion of their fiftieth wedding anniversary in 1907. Photo courtesy of Mary Ann and Michael Collins of Minnesota.