Emigration from the Bay of Chaleur Area to Minnesota and Wisconsin
Robert Flowers Alice Pennington

Samuel Chatterton Charlotte Beebe

John Thompson Margaret Gallon
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Logjam on the St. Croix River, between Minnesota and Wisconsin, in 1884. Many immigrants from the Chaleur region of Quebec and New Brunswick were involved in the logging of the pine forests of this river valley. Photo from the Runk Collection, courtesy of the Washington County Historical Society
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Eighty Bay of Chaleur area families also found in Minnesota and Wisconsin

This list last modified on: 2/21/2009

Ahier, Alexander, Anderson, Anez, Arseneau, Assels/Astels/Astles/Astell, Baker/Belanger, Barter, Billingsley, Blake, Brackett, Brotherton, Bujold, Buntin/Bunton, Burton, Byers, Caldwell, Cameron, Campbell, Chapados, Chatterton, Clapperton, Cochrane, Connel, Connors, Cooke, Crais, Cyr, Daly, Dea/O'Dea, Dickie, Dobson, Doddridge, Downs, Duncan, Dunn, Duval, Enright, Farrell, Farrington, Ferguson, Firth, Fitzgerald, Flowers, Fraser, Gale, Gallon, Gerrard, Gilker, Gillis, Haley, Hall, Hamilton, Hansen, Harvey, Henderson, Hendry, Hocquard, Hughes, Imholt, Innis, Jamieson, Jones, Joseph, Kempffer, Kerr, Labillois, Lalonde, LaPointe, Law, LeBoutellier/LesBoutillier, Lemarquand, Malloy, Marsh, McAllister, McColm, McGartney, McGovern, McInnis, McKay, McKinnon, McNair, McLellan, McNeish, McRae, McTavish, McWhirter, Mitchell, Montgomery, Mourant, Munro, Murray, Nelson, Nobel, Oliver, Paquet, Phelan, Pike, Powell, Powers, Renouf, Ritchie, Robertson, Rooney, Ross, Ryan, Scott, Sexton, Sherar, Sinclair, Smith, Smollett, St. Croix, Sullivan, Thompson, Thorburn, Tozer, Walker, Walsh, Watson, Watt, West, Willett, Wilmot, and Woodman.

Following is a list of individuals, representing those one hundred and twenty-six families, for whom at least some evidence suggests that they were either born on the Gaspé Coast or in northern New Brunswick , and spent at least some time in Minnesota, North Dakota or Wisconsin. Most of them lived out their lives in one of those states, and died there.

If you know of more names or have information on any of these individuals, please let me know. Photographs are also most welcome.

Ahier, Elizabeth

Ahier, Robert Thomas

Alexander, Robert

Alexander, William (also Mrs.)

Anez, Alinda

Anez, Ann

Anez, Charles George Frederick

Anez, Elizabeth

Anez, Emma

Anez, Francis James

Anez, Henrietta

Anez, Lydia

Anez, Maggie

Anez, Mary Louisa

Anez, William George

Anez, Windham Alfred

Arseneau, Frank J.

Assels, Amy

Assels, Charles

Assels, Clarence

Assels, Hudson

Assels, James R.

Assels, Mary

Assels, Thomas

Assels, Thomas

Astels, Rosalie

Astles, Geo Nelson

Barter, Robert

Belanger (Baker), Joseph

Billingsley, Annie McKay

Billingsley, Charles Joseph

Billingsley, Howard

Billingsley, Richard Stanley

Billingsley, Ronald

Brackett, Daniel

Brotherton, Abner

Brotherton, Adam

Brotherton, Alexander

Brotherton, Flora

Brotherton, Isabelle

Brotherton, James

Brotherton, John

Brotherton, John Edmund

Brotherton, John Edmund

Brotherton, Robert J.

Brotherton, Sarah Ann

Brotherton, Solomon James

Brotherton, Suzanne

Brotherton, William

Bujold, Flavien (John)

Bunton, George

Bunton, Sarah Ann

Burton, Pearl

Byers, Joseph Leonard

Caldwell, George William

Caldwell, John Everett

Cameron, Alexander

Campbell, Alexander

Campbell, Archie

Campbell, Duncan

Campbell, James

Campbell, John

Campbell, Margaret

Campbell, Neil

Campbell, Robert

Carey, Gilbert

Chapados, Marie Rosalie

Chatterton, Alpheus "Albert" J

Chatterton, Amelia

Chatterton, Arthur C.

Chatterton, Charles

Chatterton, Flora

Chatterton, George

Chatterton, James Harvey

Chatterton, Mary Ann Ransom

Chatterton, Neil Mckinnon

Chatterton, Philip

Chatterton, Samuel

Clapperton, Harry

Clapperton, Henry

Cochrane, Agnes

Connel, Mary

Cooke, William Ernest

Crooks, Clayton

Crooks, George

Crooks, Gertrude

Crooks, Herbert

Daly, John Adams

Dea (O'Dea), James (Pat)

Dickie, Sarah

Dickie, Thomas

Dobson, Rosalie

Doddridge, Herbert Oliver

Doddridge, Jane Almira

Doddridge, John Alvin

Doddridge, John Boyd

Doddridge, John Campbell

Doddridge, Lorne Merrill

Doddridge, Richard Brash

Downs, James H.

Downs, Thomas

Duncan, George

Duncan, John

Duncan, William

Duncan, Elizabeth

Dunn, P.J.

Duval, James

Farrell, Adam

Farrell, James

Farrell, Robert

Farrington, Charlotte

Ferguson, Francis

Ferguson, Francis Percy

Ferguson, James A.

Firth, Magnus

Fitzgerald, Mary

Flowers, Charles Alpheus

Flowers, David Dudley

Flowers, Edmund

Flowers, James

Flowers, Stuart Anthony

Flowers, William Henry

Fraser, Charles

Gale, Archie

Gale, Isabella

Gale, Mary Catherine

Gale, John

Gallon, Adelaide Marie

Gerrard, George

Gerrard, Isabella

Geraghty, William

Gilker, Wilbur

Gilker, William Milne

Gillis, William Albert

Haley, Ada

Haley, Bertha

Hall, Mary Agnes

Hall, Mary Jane

Hall, Vienna/Vina

Hamilton, Henry

Hamilton, Mary

Hansen, Anna Marie

Henderson, Thomas Dick

Hughes, William

Imholt, Joseph

Jamieson, Charles

Kempffer, Langler

Kerr, David

Kerr, Evelyn Wells

Klein, Mrs. Edward (sister to Archibald, James, and Simon McTavish)

Labillois, Joseph

Lalonde, Alexandre

LaPointe, George L.

Lemarquand, John

Law, Allen

Law, Eubulus

Law, John

Law, William

LeBoutellier, Philip Henry

LesBoutillier, E. I.

Malloy, (--?--) (wife of Augustine Sexton)

Marsh, Alfred

McGartney, Henry C.

McGartney, Henry (father of the McGartneys)

McGartney, Isabel

McGartney, Jane

McGartney, John

McGartney, Marguerite

McGartney, Nancy

McGartney, Sarah

McInnis, James

McKay, Joseph Edward

McKay, Margaret

McKinnon, Ethel

McKinnon, John Stewart

McKinnon, Margaret

McKinnon, William

McLellan, Alexander

McLellan, William

McNair, John

McRae, John J.

McTavish, Archibald

McTavish, Daniel

McTavish, James

McTavish, Simon

McWhirter, Mary Peebles

McWhirter, James Sefton

McWhirter, William Clifford

Mitchell, Elias James

Mitchell, Francis John

Mitchell, James Philip

Mitchell, Mary Ann

Mott, Archibald

Mourant, Barbara Isabella

Munro, Emily

Munro, Frederick Augustus

Munro, James

Munro, William George

Nelson, Donald

Nelson, Joseph Henry

Nobel, Mrs. John

Oliver, Owen Saul

Pike, Joseph

Pike, Robert

Powell, Mary

Powers, William

Renouf, John Herbert

Robertson, Alexander Campbell

Robertson, Hastwell

Robertson, Ida May

Robertson, Sarah Jane

Rooney, Ann Elizabeth

Rooney, George

Ross, Florence

Ross, James Irving

Ryan, Joseph

Scott, Clinton Prescott

Scott, Edgar

Scott, John Alexander

Scott, John Alexander

Scott, John Francis

Scott, William

Sexton, Augustine

Sherar, Charles Horatio

Sherar, Clara Isabelle

Sherar, Horatio Nelson

Sherar, Irene Wave

Sherar, Percy Clifton

Sherar, William A. (H?)

Sinclair, John

Smith, Gertrude Florence

Smith, Jessie

Smollett, Mr. (listed in funeral book of Horatio Nelson Sherar of Minneapolis)

St. Croix, Jane Isabella

Sullivan, Jane

Thompson, Charles

Thompson, Edmund (Edward?)

Thompson, Mary Jane

Thompson, William

Thorburn, Edith

Tozer, Albert

Tozer, Archibald

Tozer, David

Tozer, Edward

Tozer, Susan

Tozer, William

Tozer, William

Tozer, Zilpha

Walker, Elmira

Walker, Sarah Ann

Walsh, Ellen

Walsh, Stephen

Walsh, Wilfred

Watson, Alfred

Watson, George Alfred

Watt, Evelyn Jane

Watt, Henry

Willett, Benjamin Franklyn

Wilmot, George

Woodman, William

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