Transcription of the Letter of Andrew and Sarah Beebe Caldwell to Adin Beebe, 23 Sep 1809
Andrew and Sarah Caldwell of New Carlisle, Bonaventure Co., Quebec wrote this letter to Sarah's uncle, Adin Beebe, in Niagara--near St. Catharines--Ontario with the primary purpose of determining the living and economic conditions in the Niagara area, in anticipation of a possible move there because of the "Rachad State of the Districk of the Gaspe." [There is an indication on the original transcription that the letter was dictated to Amasa Beebe by Andrew and Sarah.]

In addition to describing conditions in the New Carlisle area, there is much new to be gleaned about Andrew and Sarah's family, as well as a few related families, including the families of Joshua Beebe/Barbara Hall, and Samuel Chatterton/Charlotte Beebe. The following individuals are also mentioned: Amasa Beebe, Asa Beebe, Secord Beebe, and Mary Secord Pearson. This letter has historical and genealogical significance. It gives us a glimpse into the lands and familes of the area in a time-period in which few records survive. See Raymond Garrett's site for a few more records from this period.

Transcription of a transcription from an unknown transcriber of a letter from Andrew Caldwell and Sarah Caldwell to Adin Beebe in the care of Mr. John Secord, dated 23 Sep 1809 {Extracts by William Flowers from photocopy of an original transcription given to me by Melanie Woodall of Ontario. (All material in parentheses is from the original transcription--the bracketed material was written by me.), The transcription was likely made from the orignal document in Microfilm MC1, Provincial Archives of New Brunswick} Click on the underlined text in the letter for the annotation:


As I have the honour of Being related to you in being your Brother in Law I allso take the freedom of writing to your for the first time[.] I have been maried eleven years Past[,] the most of the time Spent at Saling and fishing[,] growing tired of Both and incling (inclining?) to folow the farming which is Not Very Comfortebel in this Northing Climet[.] my Brothers and my Self his Sent a Power of aturney and a Potition to a Gentleman of the name of MaRay Magon of militia at Niagra or Some Plase there about to obtain our Loylest Lands for us as we have not Got aney as yet and are very Discontent in this un Settled Plase as thare is no Lands Given out here at Present nor this Eighteen years Past[.] the Land that was Given at the first Settling of this Plase the People Got onley Sevtify__ts (Seventy lots?) wich is of litle or no use as Parsones of indefrent Caractors Cut timber or aney thing as they pleas nor Can we Git aney Satisfaction with out Going to Quebc and once in the year and thin Canot give Judgment for aney thing upwards of 20£ but Canot do any thing about Lands or trespass[.] to Rilate the Rached State of the Districk of Gaspe would be endless[.] I have to reqiust if this Should Com to your hand yould be kinde a nuff to inform me if you are aquented with Mr. MacKay and in what Part of that Cuntrey you would advis us to Settle Should we Go there and if a Vessel is of aney benefit worth Notis and allso your mode of traid there and allso a small a Count of your winters and Climet and what the Jenerel kind of People is there and allso if the Gospel of the Redeemer is heard in your Land and if School masters is to be had. Now for a Small acount of yor freinds[:] Joshua Lost his wife Last Sep[t]ember who was oneley nine Days Sick[,] Asa and famely is in Good helth[,] Amasa remain Singel[,] Sharloty and fameley is in Good hel(th?)[,] his Seven girels & four boys[,] these [three?] of the Ge__els (nn or rr?) is maried[.] we hard from Secord Last Summer that him and his fameley was in there ordenerey helth[.] Grand mother [Mary Secord] is in as Good helth as can be expected for hir years But old age is Coming on and time fast Pasing[.] I intend if posebel to Com to Niagara the Next Summer or Soon to See your Contrey and wat to have directions where I may find you and which is Best for me to Come Past montrial or By New York[.]

I must now Conclude with a Sincier well Wis for you and your fameley and may all the Blisings that the Lord has in Store for his one (own?) Deer Children be multiplied on you and Yours is the Sincair Preyar of Your freind and humble Servents[.]

Andrew & Sarah Caldwell

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