Extracts from the Letters of Adin Beebe and son, Solomon Beebe to Amasa Beebe
The death date of Mary Secord has long been the subject of speculation and search. These letters show that her death occured much later than previously thought.

Extracts from the following letters mention the last years of Mary Secord, the mother of Adin and Amasa Beebe, and the grandmother of Solomon Beebe, Adin's son. Mary Secord is known to have lived an extraordinarily long life. The probable time-frame for her death is between 1836 and 9 Nov 1842. It's possible that her death might have occured sometime during the Fall of 1842.

Mary Secord was married three times: First to John Crookson, second to Joshua Beebe, and last to Christopher Pearson. The marriage to Joshua Beebe extablished a long line of Joshua Beebe/Mary Secord descendants in the Gaspe area of Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario. (Susan Sylke and others are responsbile for much of the research work on these marriages.)

Extract from Letter of Adin Beebe to Amasa Beebe, postmarked 16 Jul 1838 (Extract by William Flowers from photocopy of microfilmed original, Microfilm MC1, Provincial Archives of New Brunswick) Click on the underlined text in the letter for the annotation:

" In yours of 1836, I find that our Mother [Mary Secord] was then living. O what gratitude, love, thanks, adoration . . ."

"So I shall conclude by giving my respects to all my relatives but more especially to my aged Mother [Mary Secord] if she is still living. It is my wish to receive from you information respecting your wellfare and direct your lines to Ste. Catherines, Niagara District. U.C. I have living with me my youngest surviving son and wife."

"I remain your affectionate Brother."

[signed] Adin Beebe

Extract from letter of Adin Beebe to Amasa Beebe, dated 28 Sep 1843 (Extract by William Flowers from photocopy of microfilmed original, Microfilm MC1, Provincial Archives of New Brunswick):

"Dear Brother,

By the contents of yours dated 9th November 1842, we fully find demonstrated the frailty of man for we have had times of mercy and times of affliction to teach us lessons of wisdom, by the sickness and deaths which so recently by order of divine Providence have occured both respecting ourselves and connections . . ."

"I received no intelligence by public print of the deaths which occured amongst you as I receive St. Catherines Weekly Journal which was silent, respecting the same ~ You inform me that you have had no intelligence of Brother Secord for some years past, perhaps this is for lack of means of conveying information to and from, for the only method we can have of conversing is by writing, for verbal conversation is no ways practicable in our present situation ~ . . . "

"And now Dear Brothers, Sisters and Connections, the time is hastening and even at the door, when we can no more converse by writing . . ."

"Please give my respects to all my relatives particular to Mr. Chatterton, his wife and Son whom I esteem for the attention they bid to our deceased Mother." [Mary Secord]

"So I remain yours"

[signed] Adin Beebe

Extract from Letter of Solomon Beebe to Amasa Beebe, dated 17 Jun 1844 (Extract by William Flowers from photocopy of microfilmed original, Microfilm MC1, Provincial Archives of New Brunswick)::

"Dear Uncle,

I for the first time Avail myself in take up my pin with a design to write to you [&?] not merely that it was my Father's request, but also from a Sense of duty and respect that I ever feel to manifest to the Friends, and [illegible word] of my Respected Parent, especially that Brother who was so endeared to my Father's bosom. ~ I therefore Shall attempt to assume the mournful task of conveying the Sorrow of my heart to a Friend in a distant Clime. Come then Dear Uncle (altho fortune has not favour us with beholding each others face) let us mingle our Sorrowing Sigh of Sympathy together for the Death of your Late Brother Adin, being my Respected Father . . ."

". . .which took place two days prevous to his exit, the paid increasing in severity, nature became exhausted, his strength failed and expired under the pangs, on Tuesday at Eleven oclock evening the Seventh Nov 1843~ without a struggle or a groan, gently bringing his arms across his breast, with a heavinly Smile in his Countenance. Sweetly breathing a way . . ."

". . . I then by a thorough examination, having knowledge of my Fathers [illegible word] papers from his friends of Lower Canada, found several, one in particular from yourself, of which I had the perusal at the Reception of it by my Father [Adin Beebe], ~ and which I suppose to be your last, giving an account of the decease of my Grandmother, Dated Nov 9th, 1842."

[Signed] Solomon Beebe

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