The Genealogy and Family History of the Flowers, Chatterton, Thompson, and Related Families of Bonaventure Co., Quebec, and Restigouche Co., New Brunswick and Adjacent Areas
Robert Flowers Alice Pennington

Samuel Chatterton Charlotte Beebe

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A summer sunset over the beach at New Carlisle, Bonaventure Co., Quebec. Perhaps this is much like the sunsets observed by the original settlers during that first summer of 1784.
John Thompson Margaret Gallon
Purpose and Scope

This website is designed to promote solutions to the genealogical research problems and family history "brick walls" associated with a group of related families in Bonaventure County, Quebec; Restigouche County, New Brunswick and other adjacent areas on the Bay of Chaleur.

These pages, then, will be limited to a discussion of these problems and "brick walls," as well as the reporting of new findings and new sources. Absent will be the extensive pedigree and similar reports found elsewhere.

Families of concentration include Robert Flowers and his wife, Alice Pennington; Samuel Chatterton and his wife, Charlotte Beebe; John Thompson and his wife, Margaret Gallon; and related families, including Huntington, McKinnon, Secord, Sheddon, Smart, Travers, and other families from the area.

Specific locations included are New Carlisle, Paspébiac, Hopetown, Shigawake, and Port Daniel on the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec; and Campbellton, Dalhousie, and Eel River in northern New Brunswick. These communities are situated on, or very near, the north and south coasts of the Bay of Chaleur.

Genealogists who research families in this area are fortunate, indeed. This area is at the intersection of great historical and geographical themes. The people who settled this land during the 18th and 19th centuries lived in a landscape of great scale and were often subject to the severe conditions imposed by the climate.

These historical and geographical forces helped forge the character of these families who settled, survived, and often flourished within the enormity of this place. Such locations exist throughout the world, but are too often appreciated only by those sensitized by the knowledge of the forces that shaped their settlement. We are truly gifted that we can count ourselves among those attempting to understand, appreciate and remember these special families, our ancestors and relatives.

More than anything, the goal of this site is to foster this understanding, appreciation and remembrance. Please join in this endeavor.

Citation and Attribution

This website will adhere as strictly as possible to principles of attribution and the citation of sources. Sources for all genealogical evidence, findings and background material will be cited, or the "facts" won't be stated and claims won't be made. Conjecture, speculation and hypothesis formation, however, are necessary to the research process. Because this webpage is dedicated to the research process, as well as the reporting of evidence and supported conclusions, all such hypothetical material appearing here will be labeled as such.

It is critical for the reader and researcher to make the distinction between conclusions supported by carefully evaluated, cited sources and that of mere conjecture. To not understand that distinction is to risk being caught up in genealogical myth; the consequence is to not pursue the rigorous research product we should all desire. At best, research findings without properly evaluated and cited sources are simply "finding aids."

Often, well-known genealogical "facts," even when sources are properly cited, have passed through generations of well-meaning researchers, but the identities of the original discoverers of the genealogical evidence have long-since disappeared. This webpage will also attempt to identify those genealogical trailblazers when they are known to me. Giving them credit for their work would, alone, be enough justification for identifying them, (and it has the additional benefit of encouraging the sharing of future research). Most importantly, however, good genealogical research is also dependent on, and informed by, an understanding of the history of the genealogy of the families being researched, in addition to the genealogy itself.

Two such trail-blazing researchers stand out for me; I have drawn much from them. Their work has provided the foundation for my own research. Susan Sylke and Raymond Garrett are two of the premier genealogists researching the Bay of Chaleur area and the families covered by these webpages. Susan has been a mentor and has freely shared with me the results of her own monumental research. Raymond continues to remind us of the importance of history and scholarship by making available, on his informative website, a wealth of historical material, transcriptions and abstracts concerning this area and these families.

The seminal genealogist and historian of the Bonaventure Co., area of Quebec, Albert "A.D." Flowers, died in 1980, but he continues to inspire through his book, Loyalists of Bay Chaleur, published in 1973. A discussion of his legacy and impact is discussed elsewhere on this site.

Additionally, Kenneth Annett and Dr. David McDougall must be counted among the notable historians of this area. While both had a broader geographical scope than simply that of Bonaventure County, both were involved in historical research that dealt directly with it.

There are also other researchers and cousins throughout North America and England who have assisted me. They will be mentioned elsewhere on these pages as that research becomes topical.

Other than in the process of citing sources, or in attempting to attribute credit to those who have made significant findings, no living person will be knowingly identified on these pages.

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